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General Training Guide

The Vibra-Pro Slim has three program modes. Each program gives a 10-minute workout. The machine will automatically change speed to give you a varying workout. The three program speed changes are shown below. Select one of the three programs and simply press the "START/STOP" button to begin.

50 Speed Settings

The Vibra-Pro Slim has 50 different speed settings. The advantage of so many speeds is that it gives you the ability to get very precise settings for fine tuning your workout, if you so desire. In general terms, lower speed combined with greater range of motion result in more calories burned. Higher speeds combined with lower range of motion will result in more muscle strength. You may wish to have more calorie burn than muscle strength or vise versa, or somewhere in the middle. The Vibra-Pro Slim gives you the choice of deciding what type of workout you will have.


Program 1 is recommended for beginners, Program 2 is recommended for intermediate users, and Program 3 is recommeded for advanced users. In addition, a manual mode is available speeds that allows you to enter any speed (1-50), and select your time (1-10 minutes).

Program Charts

Training Goals

This Vibra-Pro Slim is aimed to bring you:

  1. An easy and enjoyable workout.
  2. Better heart strength and improved body circulation.
  3. High calorie burn by utilizing all muscles in your whole body.
  4. A great feeling of increased circulation after a workout.

Recommended frequency of use of the Vibra-Pro Slim will vary depending on the fitness level of the user. Just 10 minutes a day will start to shape your body figure. It is not recommended to use the machine for a few hours within a short period of time, but to exercise regularly on a long term basis. The training will earn even greater results with balanced nutrition.

Other Tips

Vibra Pro Slim Training

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